Review: Modern Art Exhibition in the Wiesbaden Kunstverein


I recently attended an art exhibit opening at the Wiesbaden Art Society, which is located on the “boulevard” of Wiesbaden: Wilhelmstraße.

Normally, I am not a fan of modern art to the point that I would seek it out. But on this particular occasion I was going to meet a new friend of mine!




I met Evelyn on a RyanAir flight to England. She was on her way to London for a fabulous surprise birthday getaway organized by her friends, and I was heading to Cambridge (or really, a few villages away) with Z’s volleyball team to watch them in their tournament.


Post coming soon!


Wiesbaden Kunstverein was established in the mid to late 1800’s when citizens wanted more access to art. In their own words:




Today, besides a permanent exhibit / scholarship program called “Follow Fluxus – After Fluxus,” the society offers a scholarship to student artists over the summer to live in residence and produce an exhibit, along with several university partnerships throughout the year to help promote student artists from the region.

The exhibit on this evening was titled “Rinnzekete bee bee nnz krr müü” and featured motion and noise elements.






I don’t really connect with modern art that often, but I did like stopping and confronting some of the pieces on display.



My favorites


Introducing my shoes to the art shoes




Not noticing the flying guitar above our heads



There was also a particular smell coming from the third floor, so I had to stop up there to see what was going on.





The corpse flower exhibit was really fun to see since DC has one in its botanical garden. The sculptures themselves are scented and the doorways are covered with plastic curtains to try to contain it. The artist worked with a local perfumery to create the perfect, unique scent the flowers produce in real life which is, a really bad smell.


Not an exhibit, one of the remaining pieces of evidence showing what’s under the white walls


This exhibit will be open through the end of April, and if you’re curious about Kunstverein itself, or what else there is to see, stop by on Tuesdays for a free guided tour during the lunch hour!




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