Pictures of the Sky from the Balcony

As titled.




Our balcony faces north-west and conveniently this is the direction most weather fronts come from. The sky has some pretty unbelievable color in it most of the time and it’s so windy here the clouds are constantly changing into new shapes.




We can also see south and east, towards Mainz/Frankfurt, though the view is somewhat blocked by the trees.





Sometimes the sky looks like it’s preparing to rip apart and produce amazing downpours, but then the clouds part on either side of the city and float on by.


PANO_20170706_170650clone tag: 627421518337537674PANO_20170630_183914


But other times the somewhat violent downpours do occur.







My favorite landmarks to take pictures of:



I love noticing when the seasons change in the mountains.





We also have the most incredible sunsets. I have no idea why we are treated to such spectacular shows most nights, but they are lovely.






I can’t pick a favorite time of year, day or direction to watch the sky from. They’re all pretty special and change quite often.





Every winter the chimney sweeps come around and do circus acts around the roofs.






We’ve had some amazing rainbows.






clone tag: -7762423259332057089



We also have a hammock up here.






And finally, the guardian of the balcony: Jon Snow the Crow.

Who sadly was blown over the edge in the last storm and is now leg-less.



Brave Sir Jon



Time to take care of some balcony gardening now.




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