In Which the Google Is Once Again Omniscient

I realize I’m not the first person to discover this exciting new Google feature, but in Germany we are a little behind when being blessed with gifts from the Google. So if you use Google Photos (and if you aren’t, why not?), you probably use Assistant fairly often. I do at least. I received a notification the other day of a new movie that was created out of my photos. This is the one Assistant creation I don’t actually use much, but I am pretty glad I checked it out:


Yes, Google made movies of my cats. And then obviously called them “Meow Movies.”

We spend a lot of time in the cool-ish bedroom
I’ll try to be enthusiastic about this

I’m not sure what level of life achievement status I’ve unlocked that made Google say “You know, we did some analysis and we have found that over 75% of your pictures are of your cats,” but I’m pretty proud of it.


The titles of the movies are edits I did, and I titled them that way because not only did I get two movies, but the Goog actually divided up the pictures so that each movie represents each cat. I’m not sure if this is because I’m really careful in my organization and use tagging and Group by Face features a lot or if Google really does know my two cats well enough that they each deserve to star in their own movie. I prefer to think of Google as my nosy neighbor who is kind and brings over treats while also digging into my dirty laundry to see what’s up so I will go with the latter.


Sadly, when I edited in the titles the cute little paw print animations went away so if you get these made for you they might look a little different than mine. Here they are, enjoy the amazing sound tracks as well!

Toby’s Meow Movie

Mallie’s Meow Movie


So flattering

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